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CSV catalog import

CSV IMPORT DOWNLOADS allows you to automate the import to Prestashop. Transforms, imports and upload your csv file, for example resulting from DropShipping suppliers, warehouse and export files created manually.

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CSV IMPORT DOWNLOADS is a module that allows you to import and your site Prestashop 1.4.X - 1.5.X - 1.6.X  catalogs in CSV format resulting from your ERP, created manually or by providers Dropshipping as Pixmania, Esprinet, Italian Green Web , Icintracom, Lindy, etc. .. by purchasing the module CSV IMPORT DOWNLOADS purchases not only a form, but we will create for you a CSV MANAGER that will allow you to keep synchronized so scheduled your Prestashop catalog with the data warehouse of the chosen provider.


The module allows you to automate the final synchronization of the warehouse in a fully automated way.


A product punctual and precise that will follow in all phases of the synchronization process and in case of need assistance within 48h


A large number of settings that allow you to make your import flexible and suited to your needs


The module is configured in the CUSTOM version on the basis of your files and your specific needs by giving you guaranteed to get exactly the required result.

Key features:

  •   Import products from CSV file in Prestashop
  •   Ability to select the categories you want to import
  •   Ability to map categories from supplier to store
  •   Management reloading prices
  •   Import automatable
  •   SEO Metatag Management
  •   Managing multi photo products


We can customize your import on the basis of specific needs: mathematical operations on columns, merge fields, formatting, etc. ..

Avaiable version

  • The module CSV catalog import allows you to import CSV import catalogs and synchronize the warehouse with Prestashop catalogs Dropshipping or your CSV adapting it based on your needs. It 'compatible with versions of Prestashop1.4.x - 1.5.x - 1.6.x


FeatureVersione 1.4 /1.5 /1.6
Import products from CSV files   
Selecting categories to be imported   
Mapping categories supplier / shop   
Management of reloading prices   
Automated and schedulable import process   
Management SEO metatags   
Multi-foto management   
1 Import CSV catalog Dropshipping standard *   
Import from custom CSV file   a preventivo
Multi CSV import catalog   a preventivo
Customizing with transaction / formatting tailored to quote   a preventivo
Customizing mapping multilingual quote   a preventivo
License Unlimited time 1 domain
Trial version no
Startup configuration support 7 days
Bug report ticket Unlimited
Dedicated Ticket out of warranty 49,90€

* Pixmania, Esprinet, Italian Green Web, Icintracom, Lindy, etc. .. Contact us for an updated list.

Minimum requirements:

  •   Software Prestashop 1.4.x - 1.5.x - 1.6.x
  •   Software IonCube installed on your server


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