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Cash on delivery + FEE

CASH ON DELIVERY + FEE allows you to add a custom commission payments on delivery.

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This module allows to apply additional costs whenever the customer chooses to pay by COD, allowing to compensate your additional costs. Fees can be applied according to price ranges, by a percentage or/and a fixed value, and you can fine tune to what products they should be applied: in fact you will be able to filter by shop, countries, carriers, categories, manufacturers, suppliers and products. But wait, it's not over yet! Our module lets you customize the front-office COD icon and enable/disable COD right in the product page.

Avaiable version

  • The module is compatible with versions of Prestashop 1.6.x


Choose products filtering by Shop, Countries and Carriers   
Choose products filtering by Category, Manufacturer, Supplier and product list   
Create and manage price ranges, Create percentage or fixed fees   
Manage COD activation right in the product page   
Manage the payment icon   
Manage products in multi-shop mode   
License  Unlimited time 1 domain
Trial version no
Support Ticket or e-mail


  •   Software Prestashop  1.6.x


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