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Prestashop hosting

We offers semi dedicated and dedicated hosting and VPS server optimized for Prestashop, with included backups system for maximum security and reliability.

Prestashop Hosting Optimized

Our hosting solutions are suitably optimized and configured for Prestashop and we can offers excellent performance with minimal latency. For e-commerce sites with high traffic that require a significant computational power and bandwidth, we can also create, after a preliminary analysis, dedicated VPS machines  tailored to the specific needs. To ensure continuity of services and maximum safety plans our hosting has dedicated backup systems.


Our hosting is optimized and configured to work flawlessy with Prestashop


If your project grows and the space or computing power are no longer sufficient, no problem. Our systems grows with you.


Once assessed the scope of your e-commerce, we provide resources that fits perfectly your business. Our Hosting is incredibly fast.


All our systems are redundant and protected from DDoS attacks. For the most demanding projects we offers solutions of dedicated backups.


hosting services 

Hosting services for PrestashopVersion 1.4.x - 1.5.x - 1.6.x
Registration and migration for national and international domains   
Semi-dedicated or dedicated server hosting   
Prestashop preinstalled   
Dedicated VPS cloud server   
Dedicated multi VPS server   
Backup systems dedicated   
Infrastructure server mono and multi datacenter with IP load balancing   
Server dedicated full support   


Choosing the right Web host is critical to the success of your Web site. Uptime and reliability are two of the most important factors that any business owner should consider when looking for a host. And now, with the latest buzz from Google about site speed becoming a factor in search engine optimization (SEO), people are taking a closer look at what role Web hosts play in site speed and overall SEO and PageRank. As mentioned on Blog Metrics of Mozilla,  a reduction of the loading time of pages on yours sites, increases the conversion rate:

- Reduce of 1 second your loading time and you reach an increment of +2,7% of conversions;
- Reduce of 2,2 seconds your loading time and you reach an increment of +15,4% of conversions;


Hosting Prestalia 6GB
2VCore 40% - 4Gb Ram - 6Gb RAID
Test Prestashop 1.6.x with about 200 products

Speed test

Prestashop Hosting 6GB

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Hosting Prestalia 100GB
2VCore 50% - 6Gb Ram - 100Gb RAID
Test Prestashop 1.6.X with about 20.000 products

Speed test

Prestashop Hosting 100GB

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VPS Prestalia 2K4G
2VCore - 4Gb Ram - 100Gb RAID5
Test Prestashop 1.6.x  about 1650 products

Speed test

Prestashop Hosting VPS

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VPS Prestalia 4K32G
4VCore - 32Gb Ram - 200Gb SSD
Test Prestashop 1.6.X  about 41.200 products

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Prestashop Hosting VPS

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